Whilst we appreciate that every job is different, we also know that "POA" or "call us for a quote" are perhaps a little unhelpful, so the below rates will help you to make an informed decision. Its also worth noting that any single days filming will take us at least 3 days to arrange, plan and wrap up, longer if specific flight permissions are required. 

All prices are + Expenses

and + VAT

Payment terms are 30 days as standard

Standard Permissions (50m from anything outside of the Pilots control)

Single operator (Pilot only)                       £850 per day*

2 person crew (Pilot and Camera operator)             £1200 per day

3 person crew** (Pilot, Cam op & Safety Manager)             £1150 per day

*Half day rates are subject to a 30% discount of the Full day rates

**In some instances, we will insist on a 3rd person acting as spotter/flight area security

Octocopter with MōVI M15 Gimbal with Increased Permissions*

GH4 or A7Rii (2 person crew)                      from £1650 per day

Sony FS7 & Lenses (2 person crew)                      from £2200 per day

*In order to operate in heavily built up areas we may need special permission from the CAA

MōVI M5 Hire

Gimbal only                                                            £150 per day

With single man operator                                       £500 per day

2 Person crew (remote pan, tilt)                              £700 per day

Mini Live Broadcast Crew

2x Ground camera men                                                            £700 per day

1x Vision mixer operator                                                           £500 per day

2x  Cameras                                                                              £600 per day

Black Magic vision mixer                                                           £650 per day

Live streaming set up*                                                               £600 per day

*Consists of 2x Macbook Pro, 2x Capture devices and 1x 4G router for redundancy


Mileage                                                                   45p per mile

Site Recce*                                                              £250 per day

 Long filming day**                                 £150 per day per person

Travel days                                                             £250 per day

60 day payment terms                                                         £200  

Freelance Pilot fee                                                   £350 per day

Overseas permissions supplement                          job dependant

Overseas insurance supplement                               job dependant

Permissions consultancy (required for complex locations) £350 per day

*Includes travel expenses up to 100 miles. Additional mileage charged at standard rate.

**For any flying day that is longer than 8 hours. This is in the interest of safety and pilot fatigue.