HALO Aerial Imaging specialises in low altitude, high definition photography and videography. Our remotely piloted aerial systems are capable of carrying a variety of cameras, stabilised on our MōVI gimbals. Our dedication to customer service and our rigorous approach to safety, sets us apart from the competition. 


We have recently completed projects in Norway, Finland, Portugal and Morocco, so please get in touch if your shoot is located outside of the UK.  Our previous work ranges from the Greenland ice flows, to the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert and the congestion of central London.


We specialise in remote and extreme environments, where our skills, knowledge and experience are leveraged to get the shots you need every time. We will work with you to obtain the required flight permissions, advise on operational considerations, and help with the logistical preparation needed to film in complex locations. Pilots who operate our Drones are certified by Euro USC (www.eurousc.com).

Drone Certification

Our Drones are approved for aerial work by the Civil Aviation Authority. We use the very best customised equipment to ensure flexibility, reliability and above all safety. From smaller drones for indoor work, to heavy lifters, we can provide the platform you need, when you need it.


We are insured by the industry leading insurers and our cover includes Third party liability cover to the sum of £5 million. 

Trade Associations 

Halo Aerial Imaging are members of ARPAS-UK which is the professional trade association for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems in the UK.  We are working with the membership to develop best practice for the industry, to ensure we provide the best possible service to our customers.